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Our custom development allow healthcare institutions to create comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive patient experiences.

Ticket management

The ticket management system ensures that communication is information is tracked faster.

Live messaging

Live Messages are animated short drawings, doodles, notes, or whatever you feel like sharing.

Email workflow

Email workflow is a series of automated emails that trigger based on subscriber behavior or data.

File upload

Simply drag and drop your file (videos, docs and etc) into our uploader and get a shareable URL immediately.

Why TradeGhatSolutions

TradeGhatSolutions is a comprehensive, secured and compatible ERP solution for an organization. This is a web based solution for accounting, inventory, sale, purchase and party management.

Why GoSofto

Solve your project’s problems with our Dedicated Teams services, build a mobile app that ticks all boxes, finish the digital transformation with our spot-on IT consulting.
TradeGhatSolutions software development services use the latest tech to help you reach your IT objectives within today’s demanding timeframes.

Travel and Hospitality

Internet of Things solutions, latest tech, all the essential hotel app features.


Notifications and scheduling, patient tracking, data solutions, and many more.

Retail and eCommerce

Gamification, AR, navigation, Big Data, ecommerce software development.

IT Security

Automatic hazard detection, remote cooperation, and more with our AR solutions.

TradeGhatSolutions Features

Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.

Accounting Solution

Progressively innovate high standards in best practices customer. Authoritatively utilize excellent meta-services.

Inventory Management

Progressively innovate high standards in best practices customer. Progressively disintermediate transparent quality.

Managed testing services

We provide end-to-end testing services at each stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure all the pieces integrated.

Project-specific independent testing services

Depending on the specifics of your project, we can run particular types of testing, be it functional, performance, security or any other sofware testing type.

QA consulting

An increased workload, inconsistent QA process or methodologies, business expansion may lead to inefficient quality management. We help you detect and address the exiting problems.

Quality assessment

ScienceSoft offers comprehensive product audit from different angles, including code quality, solution functionality, usability, performance and security. As a result, you get a detailed reports.

Choose Your Desired One

We have different type of pricing table to choose with your need with reasonable price. Any one you can choose that you need. Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.

20% OFF

Basic Package

  • 200 hours
  • 1 project
  • 1 programmer

* Renews at $2000.00

$1200 Per User / Month
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30% OFF

Pro Package

  • 300 hours
  • 2 project
  • 2 programmers

* Renews at $4500.00

$2700 Per User / Month
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40% OFF

Premium Package

  • 500 hours
  • 3 project
  • 3 programmers

* Renews at $7000.00

$4200 Per User / Month
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From custom software development with the latest tech to automated quality assurance, you get all types of software development services to help you build, sustain, and modernise enterprise software — as well as our extensive 10-year expertise in building IT solutions.

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Streamlining different processes and workflows by using user access control TradeGhatSolutions prompts efficiency and productivity levels of an organization, and reduces operating costs.

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